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Two employees discussing a respirator and helmet


Our aim is for heroes to survive and thrive - no matter the mission

A soldier wearing a helmet and donning a respirator

Who we are

Our purpose is Protecting Lives. It’s something everyone in this business cares passionately about.

What we do

Our mission is to provide unparalleled protection for those who protect us, giving them the confidence to tackle challenging situations and helping them get home safe.





  • 900+ total employees
  • 6 total sites
  • 70+ countries served
  • 2045 net zero goal

How we do it

Our core beliefs are the things that are most important to us as a business and as individuals: the behaviours we want to encourage, the standards we hold ourselves to and the characteristics we display when we’re at our best. 

  • F Fearlessness
  • I Integrity
  • E Excellence
  • R Resilience
  • C Collaboration
  • E Execution

Together, these core beliefs spell FIERCE – a mnemonic that sums up how passionate we all feel about the outcome of our work.


A soldier wearing a helmet and respirator

Avon Protection

We have an extensive history of providing respiratory protection and a comprehensive knowledge of our customers' requirements for respirators, powered and supplied air systems, as well as underwater systems and CBRN protective wear.

A soldier wearing a helmet

Team Wendy

We have a deep understanding of traumatic brain injury which enables us to design next generation ballistic and bump protection helmets, as well as helmet liner and retention systems.


We have continued to drive sustainability with our focus areas in mind. Identifying materials issues and reflecting them in our sustainability agenda ensure we are progressing in the areas that matter most to our key stakeholders and addressing areas of potential risks and opportunities.

An employee quality checking a respirator