Integration of Team Wendy

Our priority over the past year has been the integration of the newly acquired Team Wendy business into Avon Protection. Whilst Team Wendy continues to operate on a standalone basis, we have integrated the business into the Avon Protection governance, management structures and performance management processes.

Team Wendy has also started to work together with the Ceradyne business within Avon Protection on major tender processes as well as opportunities to enhance our helmet portfolio. In particular, Team Wendy and Avon Protection have collaborated on the development of the next-generation IHPS liner pad system and the F90, our first combined commercial helmet for first responders and rest of the world militaries. The F90 helmet combines the Ceradyne ballistic helmet shell forming capabilities and Team Wendy’s liner and retention capabilities.

In addition, we have delivered procurement benefits from utilising Avon Protection’s buying power and supplier relationships as well as transferring the manufacturing of Team Wendy ballistic helmet shells to in-house production.

F90 and CBRN Glove_0424.jpg