EXFIL® Maritime Liner System

In 2021, Team Wendy launched the EXFIL Maritime Liner System, which provides water-resistant protection for coastal operators. Sealed pads made from Team Wendy’s patented Zorbium® foam are optimised to dry quickly after routine exposure to water.
The liner’s quick-drying capability helps reduce the added helmet system weight and discomfort that results from waterlogged helmet pads.

Designed specifically for Team Wendy’s EXFIL shell geometry, the liner is available as an aftermarket retrofit system. Each system contains front, crown and rear impact pads, as well as a fit adjustment pack with four shim pads.

This is the first aftermarket liner option Team Wendy has made available for its own helmets, allowing customers even more flexibility and mission-oriented usage with their Team Wendy helmet.

EXFIL Maritime Liner System Installed in an EXFIL Carbon.png