Adapting to our customers needs

Capability and threats are always evolving. We are continuously working with our customers worldwide to ensure we design, develop and deliver world leading solutions so they always have the right protection available no matter the threat.

This year we launched the F90™ Ballistic Helmet, which was developed for the first responder market and rest of world militaries, featuring lightweight material with exceptional performance at an economical price point.

Team Wendy and Avon Protection collaborated on the development of the F90, which is our first combined commercial helmet. Through this collaboration, the F90 helmet combines the Ceradyne helmet shell forming capabilities and Team Wendy’s liner and retention system capabilities.

Integration is at the core of our capability, and the F90 has been designed to integrate seamlessly with ancillary equipment such as the respirator and other head systems. This approach to integration between solider equipment provides the user with the highest level of performance and protection whilst still maintaining operational agility.

F90 and CBRN Glove_0424.jpg