Innovation at the front end

We understand that the technology we develop not only protects people, but also enhances their performance, efficiency and capability, allowing them to excel, whatever the mission may be.

By combining insights from next-generation technology, market trends and drivers as well as the needs and requirements of our customers, we continue to invest in the future technology to retain our competitive edge and leading market positions.

The MCM100 is the perfect example this approach in action. Our MCM100 underwater rebreather is specialist equipment for long endurance and deep dive operations. The system ensures maximum user capability during a range of military or tactical diving disciplines, such as mine clearance or explosive disposal.

The MCM100 has opened up a significant number of new opportunities with the U.S. and Rest of World Militaries. We have had an active year of dive trials and supplied a number of evaluation units, which has enabled us to demonstrate our leading next-generation technology to this demanding user group of military divers.

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